Design Guide

This design guide, will help you figure out what you may or may not want for your milk stone. 
Once you have decided on what you want your piece to look like, please include all the details in the notes section at checkout. I will confirm the design in the follow up email with the how to mail your milk.


Just milk stone 
Pearl Shimmer with Gold Flakes
Pearl Shimmer

Pink Shimmer
Blue Shimmer
Silver flakes & flowers
Silver Flakes with Flower
 Copper flakes & flowers
Copper Flakes with Pink Flower & Pearl Shimmer
Gold Flakes with Pearl Shimmer


Yellow flowers & shimmer  Pink flowers & shimmer

I have some flower options available. If you want a specific colour, I have a few options as well. If there is a specific flower type that you want, send an email to see if I have it or you can send the dried flowers yourself. 

Other inclusions that have not been pictured can definitely be included. Such as hair/fur, cremation ashes, placenta, umbilical cord, wedding bouquet flowers, etc. If we haven’t listed it and you want to know if we can include it, just send us an email: with all of your design questions.