What is Breastmilk Jewelry??

It is jewelry that is made with YOUR own breastmilk. We make a special piece of jewelry that celebrates your breastfeeding journey with your little ones, whether it was for one day or several years, if you exclusively breastfed or exclusively pumped or did combo feeding. It is to celebrate YOU as a Mother!

I don’t have breastmilk but want a keepsake jewelry piece, is that possible?

Yes!! We can make any keepsake jewelry piece using anything you wish to be made with! It can be ashes, hair/fur, sand, placenta, umbilical cord…the options are endless! 

How does it all work? 
Step 1: Place your order

Once you have read through all the FAQ and gone through the Design Guide, You are now ready to place your order. Make sure you know what sizing you would need and any of the inclusions you would want to have for your piece of jewelry. 

Each piece is 100% unique to you. You can customize the piece to whatever you would want, you can add flowers, gold/silver flakes, shimmer etc. If you have a particular design in mind, please reply to the confirmation email with a picture of what you would like and we will do our best to make it the way you have envisioned it. 

Next, get your milk and any inclusions ready to be mailed out. 

Step 2: Mail your breastmilk (and any inclusions)

You will receive an email 24-48 hours after the order is the placed with instructions on how to mail your milk and to where. 

It is best to mail the breastmilk within 2 weeks of ordering. If you are not ready to have your milk shipped out within 2 weeks, please wait to place your order. 

Breastmilk does not have to be fresh, it can be previously frozen or expired. Please make sure ONLY 1/2oz is put into a sterile bag, to prevent leakage during shipping. 

If you are sending any inclusions, such as hair, placenta, flowers, ashes etc, please put them in separate ziplock bags and labeled. Hair needs to be tied with string. Please include what you will be sending in the notes, so we can properly prepare your file. 

How to package your milk: 

1. Pour ONLY 1/2oz into a sterile milk bag. Write your full name & order number on the bag. 
2. Place the milk bag into a freezer ziplock bag. Write your full name & order number on ziplock bag. 
3. Place the ziplock bag into a bubble mailer and write order number on front of bubble mailer. 

Step 3: Milk is In! 

Once your milk arrives, we will email you letting you know we have received it and stating what the turnaround time will be. 

When this email is sent, we can not change anything from your order. 

What are inclusions?!

You might be wondering what sort of items can be used for your piece of jewelry, other than breastmilk. 
We can include hair, placenta, umbilical cord, flowers, ashes and formula. Each inclusion you send, will have to be placed in a separate ziplock bag and labelled. 

Hair: You will have to tie a lock of hair with string. 

Placenta: It has to be dried, you can just mail a capsule of your dried placenta in a ziplock bag. 

Umbilica cord: Must be dried and a very small piece is all that is needed. 

Ashes: Only send 1/2 teaspoon of your loved ones ashes in a ziplock bag, labelled. We will mail the rest back that wasn’t used. 

Flowers: Must be 100% dried or else it can become moldy in the shipment. 

Please do not send the last of anything, in case something happens in the shipping or in the creation process. 

What is the process? 

Once we receive your milk, we preserve it into a paste. The paste then dries for 48 hours and it is grinder down into a fine powder. After the milk powder is made we start the process of creating your special one of kind breastmilk stone.

After the piece of jewelry has been created, it goes through quality control to make sure it is in perfect condition. 

Then your breastmilk jewelry is ready to be shipped! You will receive a notification for when it gets shipped out. 

How do I know it’s my milk?

We have a very strict labelling system for everyone’s milk. Once we receive your milk, it never leaves your file. It is triple labelled, so you can rest assured that you will be receiving jewelry with your milk. 

What’s the Turnaround Time? 

Once we receive your milk, that’s when the turnaround time begins. That’s why we ask you to mail your milk within two weeks, so you don’t have to wait too long for your order. 
It will take roughly 8-12 weeks, depending on how quickly our suppliers ship to us and how many orders we have. We also focus on family first, so whenever we have the time to step away we will have the time to make the order. 

What do you do with any extra milk?

There will always be extra milk preserve left, which can be used for future pieces! Your milk will stay on file with your name and previous order number, so if you ever want to add to your breastmilk collection you can easily do so, without having to mail us more milk. 

How do I get my ring measurements? 

We highly recommend going to a professional jeweller to get your ring measurements. Once the ring has been made, it cannot be resized. If we don’t have your size in the options, please reach out to milkandwildrose@gmail.com and we will be able to help you with that! 

Jewelry Care & Tips

We use high quality handcrafted jewelry and each breastmilk is unique and 100% one of a kind! We only use .925 Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled & 18K Solid Gold pieces and resin to ensure there won’t be any yellowing over time. In order for these pieces to last a lifetime and not be damaged over time, please follow these care instructions. 

- Remove jewelry before the shower, swimming, washing dishes, laying in the sun etc. 

- Store your jewelry out of direct sunlight

- Avoid exposing jewelry to harsh chemicals and cleaning products. 

- Use a soft polishing cloth at least twice a year, even if you don’t wear the piece too often. 

Sterling silver has to be polished every once in awhile to maintain that shiny look. You can use a silver polish, but avoid the milk stone. Store sterling silver in an airtight container, as it can tarnish when exposed to salty air, chemicals, chlorine, sulphur, humidity, perspiration & cosmetics. 

Cancelling Jewelry Order/Refund Policy

If you wish to cancel your order, you can cancel within the first 24 hours of the order being placed in order to get a full refund. 

After the 24 hours (as long as your milk hasn’t been mailed out to us) you can get a store credit for the amount you paid for, for a future purchase. 

Due to the custom nature of the products ALL sales are final. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on sale items or gift cards. However; if there is ever a quality-based issue please reach out. Milk and Wildrose is not responsible for damage of pieces for customers not following proper care instructions. 


All shipping will be $20. Please note that your order may be subject to custom fees and/or import taxes, that will be paid by you. Milk & Wildrose is not responsible for these fees.